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Bowman Part 12
“Hmm, very strange indeed.” Atnem had explained his dream to Oraia after they’d finished cleaning. “I will look into it later tonight.”
The three of them were in the tavern now. Atnem and Oraia were sitting at a table, waiting for the customers to arrive. Ferov was by the fireplace, playing chess against himself. He seemed to be losing.
“Bah! Why is there no assassin piece in chess? Or a mage? All brute force. Not even a bloody archer. I don’t see how they call it a strategy game, when all you do is rush in and bash skulls. Hey, stop laughing, I’m serious!” He lit a pawn on fire, and flung it at the other side of the chess board. “There, catapults that throw flaming corpses. Now that’s my kind of game.”
Atnem was laughing hysterically. He almost fell out of his chair. Someone walked into the tavern, so he tried to muffle his laughter. When he had stopped, he wiped the tears from his eyes and took the flute out of his bag.
He r
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Bowman Part 11
“She knows of things untold,” The assassin spoke, “We were commanded by our master to silence her, by any means. Do not get in our way, or you shall die.” He swung at Atnem’s face, missing by inches.
“Who are you and who is your master?”
“We are the Shadow Knights. Our master has warranted her destruction, by Lord Thor’s command, as she has meddled in the powers of the universe.”
“Thor? Thor is a god of Midgard. Why do you worship false gods?”
“We do not look to Thor as a god. He is, however, a greater being. He maintains order in the galaxy by balancing chaos and stability. We are sworn to assist Him in His duties by any way He sees fit. Should she continue her practices, the world as we know it may cease to exist.”
Ferov’s voice came from the darkness. “There is no need for this fighting. Everyone, stop now.” Atnem remembered where he had seen the emblem. The same symbol was on Ferov’s gloves.
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Bowman Part 10
Atnem kneeled with his head bowed. He was in a throne room. King Lug Lamfhota stood before him. Hibernia’s throne room? How did he get here?
King Lamfhota spoke, “They have underestimated us this far. All according to plan. Soon, we shall rise in power. They will be overwhelmed by our force. Midgard seems a bit occupied in Albion at the moment. We shall begin there. They won’t know what hit them.”
“Rise, my son. For we must prepare for the battles ahead. Rally the soldiers and gather at Druim Ligen. We shall head for the docks and attack by water.”
Atnem didn’t know what was going on. He stood, and looked up at Lug Lamfhota. He became dizzy and fainted. When he awoke, he was in his bed at the Inn.
Another dream, but it seemed so real. He had to tell Oraia. He got out of bed and threw on his cloak. Then he ran to the tavern.
He reached up to knock on the door, but was surprised to see that it was already open a crack. “Strange, nobody leaves their
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Happy Halloween by atnem Happy Halloween :iconatnem:atnem 0 1 Fish Sticks by atnem Fish Sticks :iconatnem:atnem 0 1 5, 6, Pick Up Sticks by atnem 5, 6, Pick Up Sticks :iconatnem:atnem 0 1
Bowman Part 9
Atnem peered over the edge of the wall at his enemies. They were relentless. Chromys was barking orders to a troll three times his size. The troll obeyed, probably out of fear.
Midgard would definitely make it inside, there was no doubting that. There would be a bloody battle for the castle. He had to take out as many as he could.
He saw a Hunter on the ramparts in a flash of lightning. The Hunter had his bow aimed right at Oraia. She was too busy blasting at the enemies below to notice. He sprinted across the roof toward her. The Hunter released his shot as Atnem dove at Oraia. Both of them fell to the ground. Atnem took the shot in his shoulder. He could see the Hunter laughing, until it slipped and fell over backwards off of the ramparts.
A Cleric ran to them. She helped Oraia up and went to help Atnem. “Just a shallow cut. I’ll patch you right up and you’ll be back in the fight. You’re one of the lucky ones.” She removed the arrow and bandaged his arm. Then
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Bowman Part 8
“Good, then we’ll head there now.” They had made it back to Castle Sauvage and alerted the General. There were already defenses heading to patrol the coast, and troops were gathering to head to Caer Renaris. That’s where the three of them would be going.
Caer Renaris wasn’t far from Castle Sauvage. Just Northwest, in the middle of the forest. It would definitely be hard for the Midgardians to take the keep, since it was so close to Castle Sauvage. If they succeeded, however, they would have a strong barricade to keep more of Albion from getting to the coast.
The warriors all gathered outside of Castle Sauvage. Along with Atnem, Ferov, and Oraia, was Deus ex Machina, as well as at least fifteen other fighters. Twenty-six to defend against the small Midgard force. They headed to Caer Renaris, not saying anything. If they made battle plans now, they risked being heard by scouting enemies.
They emerged from the forest to the sight of Caer Renaris. The guards were a
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Sticky Scene by atnem Sticky Scene :iconatnem:atnem 0 0
Bowman Part 7
The graduates stood in the throne room. At the front of the room sat King Constantine. One by one, the men were called forward to be knighted.
“Atnem Mackey!” A royal knight called Atnem’s name. He approached the throne and kneeled before the king.
Constantine smiled down at Atnem. “Ahh yes, I’ve been expecting you.” Atnem wondered what he meant by that. The king drew his sword and knighted Atnem.
“Atnem Mackey. Scout and Protector of Albion. Bringer of peace.”
Atnem rose and returned to the lineup. He watched as the rest of the men were knighted. Then, the guard made an announcement.
“You may all report to the royal armory at your convenience. There will be a suit of armor waiting for each of you. Congratulations, knights.”
Atnem headed straight to the armory. Better to beat the rush that would first go to party. He walked in and saw weapons of all sorts hanging from the walls. Crossbows, longbows, daggers, pikes, maces, and others tha
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Bowman Part 6
“Help me! Atnem!” Atnem stood in the middle of a flaming castle. Fire surrounded him. His exit was blocked by burning wood, but that wasn’t his main worry.
“Atnem!” The voice kept calling his name. He ran up the stairs to the voice. He had to help, whether it was possible or not.
“Help me, please!” Oraia’s voice. She was in trouble. The fire seemed to engulf him, but he pressed on, regardless of his burns.
“Atnem, wake up.” The same voice, whispering now.
“Wake up? Of course. Another nightmare.” The fire faded away. He opened his eyes to see another pair looking back into his. Her eyes. “How long have you been here?”
“Long enough.” Her hair was down, and she was wearing a fancy robe and cloak, rather than her waitress clothes. “You were mumbling. Something wrong?”
“No, nothing. Why are you here?”
“We need to talk. Come with me.”
Atnem got up and put on his cloak. Then, he follo
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Bullet For Hire scene I
“Wh-who are you? … At-” The professor’s voice cracked, as he felt the cold metal of a gun’s barrel touch his forehead.
“I am your shadow, your savior, and your end. May you leave this forsaken land and find yourself in a better place.” The dark figure had appeared without a sound and had met no resistance. It pulled the trigger, releasing sudden death upon its prey.
“I am Oro. That’s what they call me now, anyway.” He reloaded his weapon with one bullet that seemed to glisten in the light, despite the room being totally engulfed in darkness. “It’s nothing personal, you know. I don’t care what it was you were working on here.” Now he was talking to himself as he dug through his coat. “Problem is, my employer did know what you were doing, and it seems he didn’t approve. I’d apologize, for the right price, but you seem to be in no shape to pay up.” He pulled out a lump of wires and metal, pressed a f
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Bowman Part 5
“They had me in an anti-magic tent. I couldn’t do anything to escape while I was in there. But, it’s all okay now, thanks to you.” They’d made it back to Camelot with no other confrontations. Now, they were dropping the woman off at the Church to be treated. “I can not thank you enough. Take these, please.” She removed two rings, giving one to each of them. “They’re magical rings. They will increase your skills. The rings have other abilities too, but that depends on if you use them for good, or for evil. Good night.” She left them in front of the church.
“What a weird chick. Well, shall we go, then?”
Atnem nodded in agreement. He was busy admiring the craftsmanship of the ring. It was engraved with something in a language he couldn’t understand. “Avrette styrke er innenfor” was written along the outside.
* * * * *
The men spent the next months training in the city during the day, and running errands for the mer
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Bowman Part 4
“Why did you do it? Run out there alone, I mean. You could’ve been killed.” Atnem finally broke the silence. They had been standing there for hours, long enough for the sun to have set, and the stars to have come out. The guards had even fought off a pack of coyotes hunting in the night.
After another long pause, Chromys replied. “I can’t tell you that. It’s my problem. I don’t want to drag you into it, too.”
Atnem knew there was nothing he could say. This was the closest thing he would get to an answer, for now. So, they headed back to Camelot. They kept to the beaten path to avoid the bandit camps that were all too common, hidden in the trees at night.
Chromys stopped suddenly, causing Atnem to nearly run into him. “What was that?”
“What was what?”
“Shh! Quiet, listen.” A woman screamed in the woods.
Chromys sped off toward the source of the scream. Atnem had trouble keeping up. He nearly tripped over some roots, a
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